Thorny Prose from a global village


This book of poetry is about life, globalization, society, the environment, nature, technology and geopolitics.

Trending topics and events
Which capture the attention
Geopolitics and stuff
Well worth a little mention

A global village
On less than minimum wage
Insurgents and depots
Filled up with rage

Some obvious rants
Observations on life
Plenty of conflict
Nations bubbling with strife

Societal fractures
With greed as the source
Leaping technologies
Cause a dwindling workforce

Demise of the planet
Teeming with people
Ecological problems
Yet no one to solve them

Thorny prose-from a global village

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Author: S Bailey
Published by © Chrisbmedia 2013

ISBN 978-0-9572753-5-5

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Africa wising

Africa is going through a new phase of exploitation.
This time the exploiters use new tricks instead of slavery and shiny beads.
However they still manage to claim the minerals and raw materials and export them out of the continent.